Precious Metal Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry

There are two types of pearls. These are wild and cultured pearls. The difference between the two is that wild, natural pearls occur without human aid and are considered extremely valuable and rare jewels. Wild pearls are often sold as centerpieces for fine jewelry or as collector’s items, such is the rarity of a naturally grown pearl.

Cultured or farmed pearls are made using human-aid. A tissue graft is inserted into an oyster and a pearl sac forms, promoting the growth of pearls. Cultured pearls are the type of pearls used in most jewelry mainly because they are affordable.

Pearl jewelry has always been simple in its design. The beauty of the pearl has never needed accompaniment. Simple necklaces and bracelets use one strand of pearls and look flawless.

There is a unique vocabulary used to describe the length of pearl necklaces. A collar will sit directly against the throat and be tight-fitting. A choker will rest at the base of the neck and a princess length necklace will fit on the collarbone or just below it. There are also matinee length, opera length and pearl rope necklaces, all longer than the previous.

Pearl jewelry is available in different colors and the white pearl is by far the most popular. The black pearls found in Tahiti are gaining in popularity because of their rich and devilish appearance. Other colors include pink, gold, cream, blue, green and purple. Wearing pearl jewelry with the rainbow of all these colors is exclusivity itself, as many of these pearls are rare and gathering a collection that are the same shade and size would have taken years.

Copper Jewelry

Copper jewelry has a very long history within human civilization. Copper has been an important material since humans first left the Stone Age, and jewelry made from this mineral has been seen as far back as ancient Egypt. It is a material that has a very unique luster that lends itself well to items of adornment.

Copper jewelry can be found in just about every size and shape imaginable. It is an easily molded material, making it ideal for creating uniquely crafted jewelry pieces. Its unique color also makes it the perfect material for creating accents in pieces made from other minerals such as silver and gold.

Many jewelers focus purely on creating copper jewelry. In some cases, these jewelers can be found through local outlets. However, the Internet is often the best place to start looking, if you’re in the market for this type of jewelry.