Bronze Rings

bronze ringsFor centuries bronze rings have been worn for their medical properties to alleviate arthritis pain in the fingers. Bronze is an alloy of copper and other elements such as tin or aluminum. The main element copper has been used to promote health since ancient times. In ancient Egypt copper was used to purify the water, and cultures have used the metal to cure skin conditions, sore throats and prevent infection from wounds.

Why not combine health benefits with a fashion statement. Bronze rings are affordable pieces and the lower cost of this alloy makes more ornate and intricate designs possible that would simply be too expensive with other metals.

Bronze looks great on all skin tones and looks really fantastic with monochromatic ensembles. Bronze represents the changing colors of autumn, the deep reds and browns of falling leaves, and the bronze ring can really complement your winter fashions.

Bronze rings make such an intense fashion statement that they can be worn alone without any other pieces and exude an air of individuality.  Many of the designs with modern bronze rings take their inspiration from ancient design. Egyptian inspirations create beautiful works of art that can complete a look and hint to the empress within.

Bronze rings can make a statement as a simple band or as a shank for precious stones. Bronze is such a rich rose-colored metal that it really compliments all stones, especially rubies. The blood red ruby and the dusty-gold bronze make you think of Cleopatra in all her grace and mystery.

The bronze ring was popular among the men of ancient Rome. In ancient Rome, men were only allowed to wear one piece of jewelry and the ring was the popular choice. Today, many men find bronze to be the most attractive choice for wedding bands, because of the weight and the dark tones that can be both masculine and stylish.

A bold statement that harks back to ancient Rome is the bronze coin ring. This type of design has a bronze coin imbedded in the ring and has a great Etruscan feel. These bold rings can be worn on any finger and create an intense presence. When combined with a gold shank the contrast of color is intense and satisfying.

Bronze jewelry is rich in history. Bronze was the first metal used to create jewelry with, and it advanced culture to such an extent that there was an age named after it. The bronze ring is part of this history. Wearing a bronze ring is a statement of your unique style and exudes an air of individuality. The great aesthetic value and health benefits make bronze an individual material that brings out the individual in you.