Bronze Necklace

bronze necklacesThe necklace had a practical use in history. Beads were an early form of trade, and the necklace was simply a convenient way of carrying them. Beads are a way for archeologists to trace the progress of a nations civilization and so is the design of jewelry.

In ancient history, the necklace was seen as a symbol of power associated with Goddesses. Thick rows of symmetrical rectangles worn around the neck were reminiscent of Athena, the goddess of war.

The Usekh collars in ancient Egypt were worn by Egyptian nobility and were wide and worn over the shoulders. These stunning collars contained hundreds of jewels and charms in clasps of gold and bronze.

These styles are used as inspiration for some of today’s designers. Interpretations of the ancient extravagant bronze necklaces have created some stunning pieces. Thick and bold bronze necklaces are body art, more than just a necklace, they cause everyone in a room to stop, turn, and admire.

But such a bold bronze necklace is not for everyone and certainly not for every occasion. Sometimes, modesty is called for. Bronze is adaptable, and can look just as stunning in simplistic designs. A popular choice of bronze necklace is a simple cross. The dusty gold tones of bronze make this simple cross a perfect match for monochromatic eveningwear and enhances darker skin tones and eye color to really make you glow.

Bronze can be polished to a high shine that can even overwhelm gold, and looks fantastic in a chunky design. Hand-hammered bronze necklaces that are made from bronze links make a long and luminous statement, and the weight of bronze is satisfying to wear around your neck.

The large bronze links are representative of the simplicity of the shapes and textures of ancient African jewelry design. Large and daring necklaces such as these and the Egyptian styles are possible at affordable prices that would be extremely expensive with other precious metals.

Handmade bronze necklaces can offer something that manufactured jewelry cannot, and this is individuality. Thanks to the global communication network we are currently embracing, it is easier for artists from all over the world to get their work seen and sold. Bronze necklaces designed by tribes and villages in remote areas are getting exposure and people want to wear their designs.

Fair trade standards ensure that the makers of the bronze necklaces are being paid a fair price for their work, so you can wear the one-of-a-kind design knowing the artist receives what they deserve. These unique bronze items are usually hand-hammered and created with immense care and pride. Some styles are interpretations on traditional techniques and will add something really special to an outfit and help an artist over the other side of the world earn some money from their art.


Bronze is one of the oldest metal alloys used by mankind. It has a very unique color and glow, and has been used extensively for making jewelry over thousands of years. And over these millennia, the bronze necklace chain has been a continuing favorite of people all around the world.

A bronze necklace chain can be a great change of pace from the more traditional silver and gold varieties. Bronze has the unique ability to look older than it really is, giving these necklaces a timeless aura. Combined with the right pendant, they can be used to create a truly unique piece of jewelry.

It should be noted that a bronze necklace chain is not usually an inexpensive item. It is not unusual for these chains to cost upwards of 500 dollars or more, depending on their design. However, that is not to say that “cheaper” varieties are not available.