Bronze Jewelry

bronze jewelryWelcome to, we are your source for the highest quality bronze jewelry and handcrafted jewelry on the web. Both of these types of jewelry are what is known as fashion jewelry. To the unfamiliar, fashion jewelry might seem like a strange term, after all, isn’t every piece of jewelry a fashion item? There is very little in the way of functionally vital jewelry, so why make that distinction at all?

The term actually delineates a difference between bridal jewelry; which consists of an engagement ring and a wedding band, and the rest of the jewelry market. So, pretty much everything that isn’t involved in the marriage process falls under the heading fashion jewelry! Earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, all of them qualify. Any ring that isn’t a wedding ring also qualifies.

One of the biggest sectors of fashion jewelry is the birthstone market. Birthstones are loosely associated with the zodiac, and have shifted several times at the behest of the jewelry industry. Today the generally accepted ordering for birthstones is backed by the Jewelers of America, and it varies slightly from the zodiac version. The zodiac version of birthstones is tied to the different astrological signs and has a long history.

The zodiac goes back almost as far in time as bronze jewelry does. The zodiac is generally attributed to the Babylonians in the 1st millennium BC, while bronze use dates back to the 3rd millennium BC.

The first uses for bronze were not ornamental items like bronze jewelry; they were militant applications such as arrow and spear heads. Bronze’s first major upgrade over copper (one of its constituent metals) was that of durability and hardness. It was not until the supply of bronze being smelted exceeded the military demands that other uses for bronze were conceived.

Bronze jewelry was one of the first of these alternative uses, since bronze was soft enough to work with easily, yet hard enough to stand up to a lifetime of use. Additionally, bronze could be polished to a golden shine that was nearly as beautiful as actual gold, yet was a much more durable and cost-effective piece. Like all items back in the day, these rings, crowns, and headdresses were handcrafted jewelry.

Today both bronze and handcrafted jewelry have become less of a market force than they were in ancient times, but here at we have found the very best in both bronze and handcrafted jewelry. We make it our mission to provide the highest quality jewelry out there at prices that can’t be beat.

With today’s wide array of fashion choices, bronze jewelry really makes a unique statement. The deep russet hue of polished bronze can offset anything from light summer wear to a winter outfit. The handcrafted jewelry aspect of our wares makes each piece unique, ensuring you never run into that ‘other girl’ wearing the exact same accessories as you. And since bronze is a cost effective jewelry material, you can have a wider variety of bronze jewelry for less than the alternatives.

Online Jewelry Store

The Internet has become a great sales tool for many business owners, and the online jewelry store is no exception. Being able to sell one’s wares online opens up the entire world to your business and can be a significant way to increase revenues. It is also an ideal way for jewelry designers to sell directly to the public without having to rely on a “middleman”.

There are several advantages to purchasing your jewelry through an online jewelry store. One of the biggest advantages is that, as a general rule, there is a much wider selection from which to choose when browsing the Internet than what one normally finds through a local store. This not only increases the chances of finding something truly unique, it also can be a great way to find a style that is outside the norm.

Of course, the most commonly cited reasons for buying from an online jewelry store usually have to do with price. Online stores often do not have to worry about overhead costs such as storefront rental and salespeople, and as a result they can offer a better price to the public. The downside is that buying online makes it hard to inspect a piece of jewelry before you purchase it, which can be a problem when spending a significant amount of money.