diamond storeJewelry should always be matched with your current outfit. You use jewelry in order to enhance your overall look; thus, you need to make sure that your accessories will always conform to the outfit you will be wearing. You don’t really want to look like a blinking Christmas tree or the next stoplight in the street. Therefore, there are several tips you need to remember.

Gold With Gold, Silver With Silver

The basic rule to matching jewelry is that gold should always go with gold and silver should always go with silver. For instance, when choosing a pair of earrings, you need it to match the other jewelries you will be wearing. If you choose a gold pair of earrings, everything else should also be gold. When using silver earrings, all other jewelries should also be silver.

Avoid Wearing Too Much

Whatever the outfit will be, avoid wearing too much jewelry. Most times, overdoing it will only make you look really bad. Jewelries should act as enhancements but should never be overdone. Choose to keep it simple. When you already have a ring on one finger, it should already be enough. Also, avoid the ugly effect of wearing too heavy pieces. For instance, if you are already wearing chandelier earrings, you don’t anymore have to wear a heavy necklace.

Formal For Formal

There are times when you might want to wear heavier pieces. This will be more applicable when using formal wear especially for an event of the same. If you are planning to attend a formal event, choose pieces that are formal as well. The overall look should be formal and classical.

Casual For Simple Pieces

When you are to wear casual, everyday attire, you don’t have to wear extravagant accessories. Keep it simple by choosing a pair of hoop earrings or even a pair of studs. Wearing earrings doesn’t require you anything else but if you want to add up a necklace or a bracelet, then make it simple as well.

Skin And Stature

You also need to remember your skin complexion and your stature. If you are petite, you need to avoid heavier pieces. Use smaller ones to make the overall effect look good. Your skin tone should also matter. If you are darker than most, silver can be the better choice rather than gold. All in all, using jewelries should always coincide with your overall outfit and the occasion as well as your skin complexion and stature.

Diamond Engagement Ring Guide

There is so much information available today on diamonds that you really owe it to yourself to educate yourself properly prior to taking the plunge for your dream diamond.

Reading books and browsing excellent diamond information websites on the internet is certainly a great place to start. However, you still need to learn the basics on the diamond buying process so that you can prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

Remember that you are about to embark on an emotional, once in a lifetime (you hope..) purchase for a significant dollar value. Just like you would not buy a car or a home without doing proper homework; similarly, you will need to arm yourself with knowledge before you can be certain that you are buying a quality diamond.